Gift aan Stichting Berjalan

Gift aan Stichting Berjalan

Wittepoel heeft een gift gedaan aan stichting Berjalan om studenten orthopedische schoentechniek in Azie aan lesboeken te helpen. De studenten waren er erg blij mee en hebben ook leuke reacties achtergelaten! 
Hieronder zijn een aantal reacties te lezen van de studenten, we hopen dat zij er iets aan hebben in de toekomst.
'This book will be a source of information that will help me a lot in solving the problems of foot deformities and taking advantage of your experiences in this field good job”

“Thank you a lot for this gift”

Omer Elsawi Abdalla Ibrahim

“This book helpful to our knowledge and apply to our deformed clients use as reference”

MD Azizur Rahman

“Thank for sending us. This book will help us to fulfill our knowledge and use it as  guideline”

Sokha Suk

“I was reassured by the book contents since I will rely on it during my study and my future professional work. Thank to each person who contributed on this book”

Abir EL Atrache



“We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Foundation BERJALAN represented by Mr. Klaas Postema  to the Roessingh Rehabilitation Technique and Wittepoel Orthopaedic Shoe Technique for there gift.. We are glad to have received this valuable book. 'Pedorthic footwear; Assessment and treatment'”

These shoes are made for walking 
Cohort four-Hanoi- 2019-


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